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Brasserie 360

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WOW! I ate at the Brasserie 360 with three friends, and we had a fabulous time.

The cocktails and the drinks sharpened our appetites. We indulged in some exquisite starters: tuna tartar, trio kobe sliders, vegetable spring rolls, and spinach dip. We couldn't decide which one was best--they were all excellent. For the main course, we had the Atlantic salmon, the Herb cruste lamb chops, the Saffron seafood risotto, & the Marinated skirt steak with baby arugula. The service and the attention were awesome. The maitre'd and the servers were extremely attentive and accommodating. The personal attention from the new manager made us feel like celebrities.

The food came right away and was steaming hot and delicious. Also, the ambience was charming and festive--we loved it! With our orders, we had a delicious French Shiraz-Domaine Solitude 2004 wine, which we highly enjoyed. To finish off a wonderful dinner, we tried some excellent desserts. Their homemade creamy cheesecake was fresh and delicious. We dare to say it surpasses the Cheesecake Factory in texture and freshness. Their homemade Tiramisu cake is comparable to any fine Italian patisserie. We highly recommend this restaurant!

New York Magazine

Critics Choice.

With its cheery décor, Brasserie 360 seems like just the thing for somewhat dreary intersection of Third Avenue and 60th Street. A new staircase connects the old ground-floor Yellowfingers space to the old second-story Contrapunto space. That’s big enough for sizable talents who’s out to refine classic brasserie dishes like like saffron-mussel soup and braised veal cheeks..

The restaurant, a cute little French bistro that reminded me of Pastis or Balthazar (but without the inflated prices), was cold. Very cold.

They seated us at a quiet table by the window and we were content. I was tired, and the muggy weather outside put me in the mood for something light, so I ordered the chopped cobb salad and a glass of Pinot Grigio to go along with it. The salad was excellent…definitely your standard cobb with chicken, avocado, tomatoes, bacon, corn and goat cheese. But it was extremely fresh, and the apple dressing added a nice additional flavor. My friend went for more of a comfort-food platter— crispy organic baby chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and veggies—which I nibbled from, but it wasn’t heavy or drowned in sauces. It was light and fresh.

Once we finished our main courses we agreed a dessert was in order and justified it with the mile-long walk we took around and around in circles in search of a restaurant cold enough to stay in for a while. We still decided on a healthy choice: mixed berries in homemade cream. I’m not much of a cream person. I don’t get whipped cream on anything ever. And I don’t really like cool whip either. In my morning coffee, I avoid cream at all costs and opt for soy milk instead. But the homemade cream on these berries was delicious. It was so light and such a nice complement to the fresh pieces of fruit.

By the time we were done, my long-sleeved shirt was out of my bag and around my shoulders. I was shivering and my nose was cold to the touch. I couldn’t complain though. It was a much better feeling than sitting in a sauna or steam room with a cobb salad in front of you.

Brasserie 360 is simple, elegant and classic, and so is the food.